Friday, 18 March 2022

Samyang 14mm Mk2 F2.8 review

The lens arrived within three days, good for Shetland. The box was also sealed which was a good start as it indicated that this one was not a returned lens

On paper this looked a good lens but as with all Samyang lenses its let down by poor QA. This MK2 14mm lens has a few upgrades.

1. Weather sealed
2. Lockable focus
3. increased resolution

Unfortunatley my copy didn't have weather sealing around the lens connection, it is shown on the  advert photos but was missing. A couple of other people have returned their copies.

Lockable focus would have been a bonus for anyone doing astrophotography, once focus is found it can be locked for other nights.

My lens was decentred as well, where it was reasonably sharp on one side while the other side was way out

It showed lots of Coma even stopping down to F5.6, not a thing you want to do with astrophotography. More light the better.

It is frustrating, i would rather pay a bit more to get a better quailty lens but although they keep bringing out new lenses with new features the main problem still goes on.

You may have seen my other post of the 24mm Samyang Astro lens, i had to send back 6 lenses, the same happened with this 14mm. I have lost faith with Samyang, i started looking for a lens back in October and still haven't got one.

It is a very time consuming excerise send back lenses, getting a refund then search again just hoping that the lens you get is spot on.
Time to move to another make

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Shetland Auroras continue


Aurora nights continue to come, during fairly still weather compared to the rest of theUK

It was an icy night with snow showers

Pity about the cloud rolling in from the west

A good amount of green showing until the large moon started to rise

Shetland Aurora Hunter- on Facebook

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Mega Shetland Aurora (2)

 Carrying on from the previous Mega Aurora down at Sandsayre the other night

Alot of Aurora nights so far this month but so far this has been the best

see Shetland Aurora Hunter on Facebook for more

Monday, 14 February 2022

Mega Shetland Aurora - No1

This is the first part of an amazing Aurora that hit Shetland last Thursday. After weeks and weeks of severe gales, snow, hail, and heavy rain not to mention the total cloud cover the night was surprising clear and still and even correctly forecasted 

You could even see it from our light polluted  house, at least three arcs 

Arriving down at Sandsayre just after 6pm you could see the Aurora starting to form

After a few minutes a few fellow Shetland Aurora Hunters arrived to admire the display

The moon was very bright so hence the illuminated foreground, which i always like to see

Tom Jamieson join us having arrived straight for work

Showing Aurora alerts are not always reliable, this one didn't rise above an Amber alert but seeing it I would have put it down as a Purple alert (top one) this was the best display I have seen in 5 years

It had to be powerful to beat the moonlight 

The display lasted for just an hour then it clouded over before returning for 1/2 hour just after 9pm. More photos on the next blog

Looking forward to giving a talk on the Aurora in Shetland in Sandwick on Thursday, hope to see some of you then.

Friday, 4 February 2022

Spiggie Orion and a wee Aurora

Orion showing well at Bigton
Lots of stars and a small glow of the Aurora

A few Satellites passing over Shetland, these are Russian
Looking west to Spiggie
Looking east towards Spiggie hotel

Looking east with Orion showing well