Friday, 26 June 2020

Great skies over Shetland

We have been having some great skies over recent days

 This one taken at 21.00pm

         at 22.00pm


 Midnight, Shetland is the land of the Simmer Dim


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Monday, 4 May 2020


The Moon is a great subject to phoograph, being on average  273,000 miles away

All the photos here are taken on a full frame camera and an 800mm lens then cropped

with a 600mm lens

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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Moon & Venus

Only had a short time to set up before the clouds rolled in again

 The Moon with earth shine and Venus showed really well

 Earth Shine showing well in these last two

The aurora has showed for 10 nights this month but with lock down and that it showed about 1am not been able to get any photos.

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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Shetland Aurora glow

We are  nearly coming to an end of the aurora season but we still have a few chance to see it, providing we can view from home with the Coronavirus restrictions

So far this month we have had three views of the Aurora although its getting later on in the evening when its visible with the growing daylight

This was taken down at Sandsayre, Sandwick, Shetland before the travel restrictions

It was good to see the colours and the rays which lasted a good 1/2 hour before fading.

You always need to go somewhere close by as it can get active  and then fade very quick

The last one was down at Bigton Church on the westside on the same night but two years earlier

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Thursday, 26 March 2020

International Space Station over Shetland

When the whole of the UK and many other countries are in lock down its so good to see something running free although everyone on board is actually already in Lock down

 In the one above it was good to catch a meteor as well as the ISS (Right) which came over from the South West

 Travelling at more than 17,000mph the ISS passed over Sandwick at 8.29pm tonight

 Just my luck that at 8.28 pm a bus came up the road with full beam on, not really necessary for a road that is lit by LED lights

 It was good to have a clear sky and it was still as well, pity there is no aurora tonight.

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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Venus over St Ninian's

Venus has been very bright in the west over the past few weeks

Here is a few photos from a trip down at St Ninian's Isle

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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Red Aurora

We are in the solar minimum and as a result the Aurora has not showed for a number of days, December and January are not that good for the Aurora in Shetland

While we wait for a good show here are some more reworked photos taken down at St Ninians last year

I always like a Red Aurora but these are rare so its good to savour any images

Some good colours here with Red, Purple, Green and Yellow/green present

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