Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Moonlit Shetland Aurora

Although the weather forecast was for complete cloud it actually cleared a bit enough to show an Aurora, The 94% moon didn't help but this was a strong Aurora, KP5 if you go by the alert but also a Red Alert

I nipped down to Sandsayre just a few mins away as i could see stars on leaving the house and i knew cloud was on its was in

It was already an orange Alert when i left and i could just about make out the Aurora with the eye but a quick photo comfirmed a lot of green showing 

Didn't see  anyone else around but alot of Aurora Hunters ventured out during the night

I like moonlight with the Aurora, it lights the foreground with a nice soft light so no need to light with a torch

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Saturday, 16 October 2021

Shetland Aurora Hunter Book Now available

 Great news my book `Shetland Aurora Hunter' is currently in for a reprint and will be available NOW. The first batch was sold out in 12 weeks so if you want a copy pease send me your details and i will add you to those who have pre ordered - contact me at shetlandaurorabook@gmail.com

Find out what Shetlanders have said about the Aurora from1817 to the present day, Shetland own Aurora pioneer, where and when to go out to see the Aurora. Understanding the Aurora and how to preserve memories of a great night watching and photographing this great event. 

In the comprephensive photography section, we shall  look at creating the perfect Aurora photography, settings, focus, equipment, locations.

164 pages

85 photos

16 diagrams

3 graphs

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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Solar Storm hits

 A Solar Flare was directed towards the earth yesterday and everyone was geared up for a big Aurora

But as we all know it never works out as you think. this one has slow solar wind and didn't arrive until the early hour of today
Around 5.30  the colours were fantastic and a couple of early risers managed some photos, i was still in bed so missed it
Tuesday night arrived but very little activity and a lot of cloud. Although it could just be seen through the cloud it was not spectacular as some people expected.
That's solar weather for you, just the same as our weather and predictions are just that. All the newspapers had us down for major Aurora but failed to take into account the cloud
Anyway make sure you join Shetland Aurora Hunter on Facebook for the latest information and photo

Some green showing for a powerful Aurora, pity the cloud covered it

All these photos taken down at Sandsaye, in Sandwick

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Just a hint of an Aurora but plenty of stars to photograph

Looking east towards Sandlodge

Looking west towards Leebitton in Sandwick

Milky Way looking fantastic

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