Saturday 13 January 2024

Starry night at the old Croft House

It seems to be weeks since the last clear/ part clear night in Shetland after many cloudy rainy windy nights

The weather seems to be changing and we are heading for  a high pressure which means clear skies but very cold and snow expected tonight
The croft house at Boddam always makes a nice foreground and i hope to return soon to photograph it with an aurora.


Saturday 30 December 2023

Shetland Stars and Aurora

Nigfht's in Shetland are always special, having so many dark sites we are able to see many 1,000's of stars and of course the aurora
Stars, so good to see so many in Shetland dark skies
This was down at st Ninian's 

                                            A couple of Aurora photos from Sandsayre in Sandwick

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I have also been asked to write articles for the Shetland Times on the night sky, these will appear on the last Friday of the month starting in January 2024

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Shetland Levenwick Aurora - day 3

A clearer night so headed down to Levenwick on night 3 - 6 November

 Lots fo nice buildings around the beach area

The tide was coming in fast as i went onto the beach

Lovely red auroea, lots this year as we head to solar maximum

It really was a Red alert for about 10 mins and it was showing very well

I then stayed in the clearer eastside and went up to Sandwick

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Sunday 12 November 2023

Shetland Aurora at Voe and beyond

As it was cloudy down in the south mainland i headed north to Voe
a few gaps in the cloud, above with Jupiter showing

 It did start to clear for a while

Below, Sullom Voe lights showing in the east at Mavis Grind

Lots to photograph at Voe, but you had to work quick as the clear skies disappeared after about 10 mins

Good to get some trees in the photo

Mavis Grind above
Back at Sandlodge below

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Friday 10 November 2023

An Aurora run


On the 4 November a very powerful aurora showed, just a pity about the cloud

It was so strong that the whole sky lit up behind the cloud

It wasn't until i went down to St Ninians that the colour started to show in the gaps. It was an ideal night to be out, mild, still and no moon

St Ninian's isle was beautifully lit by the aurora

The aurora was even viewable to the south, not a normal occurrence.(above)