Monday, 17 April 2017

Full Moon at Bigton

It was just after a full moon at Bigton when we made the short visit over the hill. An Aurora was showing but very faint in the moonlight.

Even though it was supposed to be a clear night cloud built up quickly

Looking south cloud quickly obscured the night sky

Only a short visit but still worth getting out under the Shetland night sky

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Monday, 27 March 2017

22 3 17 Tingwall Aurora

Although not as active as the night before it was still a good  Aurora show under a clear sky at Tingwall

Using the car headlights to light up various parts of the landscape is a good idea to add an extra dimension to the photo

The reflection in the loch from the stars and colour of the Aurora also gives depth

On a previous post on Tingwall, lots of cloud was present reflecting the Light pollution from Scalloway and Lerwick but on this occasion with clear skies the south gave a more natural colour

Did you observe Earth Hour on Saturday 8.30 - 9.30 ?

Using car head and tail lights adds a bit of a focal point

Looking north to the old Manse is one of the classic views in Shetland.

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Superb Aurora 21 3 17

The 21 3 17 proved to be one of the best Aurora's we have seen coming to Shetland. First a clear night, that's been a rarity recently and the prospect of a good Aurora tempted us to visit Bigton.

A rare sight in the UK, a pink Aurora (For a short time)

The colours on the night were amazing, anything from various shades of green, purple, pink, even a bit of blue

From the off the Aurora was very active with pulsating pillars and lighter green curtains moving rapidly across the sky

reaching above the green curtains large purple pillars all moving very fast. All these captured at 1- 2 seconds at ISO 6400

I left after 2 hours after it seem to be calming down as it reached 11 pm, but this one will stay in our memories for many years to come. March has proved to be a good month to see Aurora's

More photos to come once i have had time to process them

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tingwall Light Pollution

Tingwall can be very good for seeing the Aurora but it also suffers from light pollution, which is especially evident when cloud forms

The first two are looking north and east showing light pollution from Lerwick

The 4 photos below are looking south picking up light pollution from Scalloway

You can still see Orion from half way up Tingwall valley

Further north at Brae and Sullom the light pollution is very bad.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tingwall earlier in month

 Finally after some time i have processed some photos from an Aurora at Tingwall at the beginning of the month. These were all taken with a Sony A7s and a 24mm lens a great combination

Detail in this full frame camera seems a lot better even though it only has a 12 Mp sensor.

All taken at ISO 3200 F/2 these are a lot cleaner images than most of the other full frame cameras. The Sony A7s ability of handling high ISO makes it the ideal camera for night photography. I am still waiting to push it to its limits and hope to post images here soon.

With its wide open vistas Tingwall is an ideal location, looking north from the boat house. For the second time in a couple of months an otter came out on the jetty beside me and jumped straight back in the loch surprising both of us.

Its surprising how busy this road is but the headlights can add an extra dimension when they light up the houses at the north end. 

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Quendale at Night

Following on from my last blog, i managed to get out the other night despite the strong winds. This time down to Quendale.

Using the same combination of the Sony A7s & the Samyang 24 mm F1.4 lens i spent most of the time photographing the old house just beyond the farm. I stopped the lens down to F2 where it is sharper and again shot at 13 seconds using ISO 3200.

Light pollution from Sumburgh airport was very evident - south east of the farm and also Lerwick to the north.

Very pleased with this combination, seems a sharp lens, just make sure you get a good copy.

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