Friday, 28 February 2014


At last some dry weather with clear skies. On Tuesday it cleared late on but I was out giving a talk on Shetland so wouldn't have  been able to do any night photography. On Wednesday night we had already made plans so it was down to Thursday and luckily it was a good clear night but very cold, down to -4 degrees.

When i arrived up at Ringinglow near Sheffield it was just light so I set up asap and thought I was in a quiet spot until around 50 cyclists past in 3 groups, followed by a few cars which lit up the area I was working in. So not a dark site but as I have mentioned before we don't have any true dark site around here

Orion nebula (Red spot)

On Thursday I was lucky enough to see the aurora which was a surprise as i had not received any notification. Seeing the photos the next morning from Shetland you can understand why Sheffield had a glimpse for around 30 seconds. The photos coming out of Shetland were incredible with some fantastic reds and greens, wish we had been there. The aurora activity is only ever 12 years or so with 2014 being the best one, although some activity can be seen at other times.

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