Sunday, 5 July 2015

All about the universe in 55 mins

Last week I invited Mike Breimann down from Mossbank to Lerwick to give a talk on how the Universe was formed. This was aimed at some elderly folk with very little knowledge of Astronomy

 Mike, his wife Anna and friend Reg managed to fit the talk into a 55 min slot, not an easy job considering the type of information that needed to be delivered.

 With a mixture of power point  and models showing planets the talk was very well received. Mike could have easily gone on for several hours such is his knowledge and passion for the subject

It was one of the best talks i have been to, well thought out and easy to understand with plenty of humour as well to lighten the session

 Mike has a lot of skill in making models and although we didn't have time to see many i was able to see these after the talk. Many are connected to the landings on the moon and we will look forward to looking at these sometime in the new year.

Although there is little to see in the sky other than the moon due to the very light nights here in Shetland, he also commented on his Radio telescope and how he and other round Shetland are hard at work collecting valuable information.

Do take a look at his website at

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