Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Opportunity missed

What can you do when you have guests and you find out that a massive 6.7 kp aurora is taking place outside.

Well not alot until they leave, but peaking outside you could see some activity behind the clouds.

This is the first time I have seen the aurora over a light polluted area. It was so bright green but i missed the colours which had taken place earlier that evening. Not the best aurora I have photographed but never the less still spectacular

 I couldn't really jump in the car and head out but I did go to the bottom of the road and looked out west

 Cloud was coming over and eventually the aurora was lost behind the grey mass. Further south in Scotland a great display took place, many colours visible. Many nights we miss out when a massive aurora takes place as we have cloud cover

The best time and the biggest auroras for us in the UK, tend to take place either in March or September when the earth is turned towards the sun

The following night I was out and only found a weak aurora , just a thin green band across the northern sky, still great to see

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