Monday, 27 March 2017

22 3 17 Tingwall Aurora

Although not as active as the night before it was still a good  Aurora show under a clear sky at Tingwall

Using the car headlights to light up various parts of the landscape is a good idea to add an extra dimension to the photo

The reflection in the loch from the stars and colour of the Aurora also gives depth

On a previous post on Tingwall, lots of cloud was present reflecting the Light pollution from Scalloway and Lerwick but on this occasion with clear skies the south gave a more natural colour

Did you observe Earth Hour on Saturday 8.30 - 9.30 ?

Using car head and tail lights adds a bit of a focal point

Looking north to the old Manse is one of the classic views in Shetland.

I will be offering a new 6 session course on Nightscape Photography for Shetland Adult Education around October 2017 (in Shetland) message me if interested

If you haven't does so, please send a request to join the facebook page - Shetland Aurora Hunter. Lots of great photos and interesting information

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