Monday, 16 April 2018

Brilliant Aurora

The 18 March 2018 will go down as the best Aurora display we have seen since moving to Shetland 4 years ago

                                               Steve made a rare appearance see earlier blogs ` Steve'

The density was intense and for an hour and was recorded as a G2- class storm. It started off with the green colour which was very active.

A twisting curtain with very intensive spots of high activity, then the colours became apparent, large pillars of purple rising from the green curtain

This colour reaching high into the sky providing a great scene. At this point Steve appeared high over head

It was a night to remember, especially as it is reaching the peak of low solar activity with very few sunspots visible
However this doesn't seem to stop the Aurora showing and from mid march to mid April it has shown most nights we have had clear skies.

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