Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Better second night

Managed to get out for second night this weekend. The night promised better clearer weather than the night before, although it was windier.

The aurora forecast predicted KP4-5 for the night and checking it around 9pm it was at KP5 but decreasing and far too light to venture out

We made the decision to head west and it paid off as cloud suddenly came in on the east side. As we parked up we could see the stars and a hint of the aurora.

The glow of the aurora could be seen as a milky white area but clearly showed up on the camera, always try this the camera sensor is far more sensitive than our eyes. The photos shown here had the following settings ISO2000 F2.8 @20 seconds.

Seeing a few photos from the south east side of Shetland I am glad we travelled over to the west as cloud really did increase

Some people have said the aurora makes a sound like jingling keys, you have to be a lot nearer to a major storm to hear anything. One thing is for certain they do make a noise, listen here for the sound of the aurora on Jupiter  its amazing


To see more photos of Shetland include the aurora (Northern Lights) go to www.amazingshetland.co.uk

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