Sunday, 4 September 2016

First Aurora of season

Yesterday was our first aurora, although a better one occurred the night before. On Saturday it was registering at KP4.67 and the weather forecast was for clear skies after 10pm so it looked good.

We headed down to Sandsayre but as you can see in the photos the cloud cover it only left a few gaps for the aurora to show through

The orange glow in the distance is Cunningsburgh which now has a mixture of sodium and LED
lighting which gives off far too much light pollution

                                                                                                Sandwick boats

While the aurora may not have been as good as expected it was still good to see the bright green colour on the horizon. At this time of year we scrutinise the weather forecasts, moon phases and Aurora predictions. If all three come together it can provide a magical night

One thing we cannot change is when it goes dark, so as we move through this month at least we can get out earlier in the night.

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